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Amy Ballon Nominated For Meljourne Woman

Our team is honored to introduce our THIRD selected Meljourne Woman: AMY BALLON! Amy’s incredible journey – “From Framed to Fearless” – will be featured in our special, 2019, “COURAGE – Personified” Meljourne Women campaign celebrating SURVIVORS of domestic violence from around the country. Here is a sneak peak of Amy Ballon’s traumatic, yet empowering story:

“She never saw it coming. Amy crawled into bed on the night of October 27, 2014, mentally exhausted. After enduring a final dinner with her soon-to-be ex-husband, she graciously, albeit reluctantly, agreed to let him stay in the condo one last night. Before turning out the lights, Amy sent a quick text to a friend. That was all it took. That was the moment Amy’s life changed – forever.

It was a brutal ambush. His rage was violent. His plan – as calculated as it was malicious. With each ferocious slam to the floor, Amy’s body became more bruised. With his knee jammed deeply into her back and his thumb piercing her neck, Amy was completely immobilized. The husband who had once promised to love and cherish her forever was now a complete stranger, a deadly assailant, crushing her skull between the full weight of his six-foot, 225-pound body and a cold, unyielding floor. Then suddenly – thanks to a brief moment of merciful lucidity – her husband simply stood up and walked out onto the balcony. Mustering what little strength she had left, Amy got up and ran out the door. Battered and barefoot, she made her way down to the lobby of her building and called 911.

Unfortunately, Amy’s nightmare was about to go from bad to worse. With the police in route, Amy’s husband stepped out of the elevator covered in blood from a fresh knife wound to his arm. Holding tightly to the refuge of her phone, Amy screamed in horror to the 911 operator: ‘Oh my gosh! He’s stabbed himself!’ Suddenly, the approaching lights and sirens took on new meaning. Florida, like many states, has a mandatory arrest policy when responding to a domestic violence call. The reality of her husband’s sinister plan hit Amy with a paralyzing blow: he was framing her as his attacker. What started out as a fight for survival had now become a fight for truth and justice.

In violation of 23 procedures, the police wrongly arrested Amy and charged her with second degree felony assault with a deadly weapon. If convicted, she would spend 15 years in state prison. Her friends, family, and legal counsel pleaded with her repeatedly for over a year and a half to accept a plea deal, but Amy refused. She knew she was innocent. SHE was the victim that fateful night, and SHE was determined to prove it. Amy became her own best advocate, and as a result of her courage and tenacity the charges against her were ultimately dropped, and her record was completely expunged.

Today, Amy Ballon is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and advocate. Instead of succumbing to the overwhelming pain of her tragedy, she is meljourning that experience! Amy is now fighting for domestic violence policy reform in state and federal government. Through her flourishing Facebook group Raising Awareness for the Innocent (with 103,000+ participants) and her new book, Fabulous To Framed, Amy is championing the rights of domestic violence victims and innocent victims wrongly accused in the criminal justice system. 

In honor of her new, purpose-driven mission, Amy was nominated in early 2018 for the Department of Justice’s National Crime Victims Service Award, and she is the 2018 recipient of Al Cole’s People of Distinction Humanitarian Award.” (Story Excerpt: “From Framed to Fearless”)

It is a honor for us to celebrate AMY BALLON as a Meljourne Woman!

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*You can also follow Amy on Twitter at: @Amy_Ballon